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Come Now Is the Time to Worship
Artist: Various
URL: <>, <>
Label: Vineyard Music
Lengths: 15 tracks/71:33 minutes

There are two compilation projects from Vineyard Music that hit close to one hundred percent perfection. The first is More Love, More Power, a two-CD set from 1998, and the latest, entitled Come Now is the Time to Worship, co-titled 14 Modern Worship Classics (+ 1 Bonus Track)."

If you're a brand new listener to Vineyard's offerings and want a sampling of the best of this worship group, here's the best jumping-on point. This project is not only a good introduction to Vineyard Music, it's the best of  contemporary praise and worship music. If you're well-versed with Vineyard Music and don't own the catalog, this one is a must-have for your collection.

Every song on this compilation is a highlight, with no exceptions. All 71+ minutes are read well as both a collection and worship experience. The "+1" for the compact disc is "Mercy is Falling" from David Ruis, from "Shake Off the Dust." "Mercy is Falling" is an excellent upbeat wrap-up to "Come Now is the Time to Worship," since you'll be leaving this experience singing "hey-oh!"

I'll try to pull out a few standouts. Listen to "Be Found Ready," from "Live from the Nashville Vineyard." It rocks His word from the Book of Revelation, and Brenton Brown's "Lord Reign in Me" is simply one of the finest praise and worship songs I've ever heard. Ditto for the title track of this entire project. The title track from "Surrender" is incredibly beautiful. And "Real Love," from "The Burn Service," is perhaps reminiscent of the Byrds. Rita Springer's "You Are Still Holy" is heart-wrenching.

While I like David Ruis' bonus track, "Mercy is Falling," "Megwich Kktchi Manitou" (from "Live from Canada") belongs on this compilation. Perhaps due to the length of current CDs, it wouldn't fit? My picky note doesn't take away from the overall excellence of this superb collection.

This is a compilation you don't want to miss.

Olin Jenkins   March 25, 2001

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