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Golgo 13 
Artist: Cult of Jester 
Label: Flaming Fish Music 
Length: 15 tracks at 69:11 minutes 

Cult of Jester's latest release is selling very well at Flaming Fish for good reason. Plenty of electronics will keep the industrial fan happy, but this record is driven by the hard rocking guitar sound that Ed Finkler has gone to for this outing. Finkler has not only brought up the guitar with productive results, but the vocals are front and center; and, as it turns out, that was a good move, too. This is really a fine and refined record for Cult of Jester. 

The first part of the CD contains 8 original cuts and one cover song, then the record moves into a series of re-mixes done by the likes of Tempestuous All, Voxis, Deitiphobia, Regenerator, and Audio Paradox. The most popular re-mix subject is a hard rocker called "Crackerboy." The one cover on the disc is a well-done version of Pop Will Eat Itself's "Ich Bin Ein Auslander." Throughout the record Finkler's vocals are clear while interestingly distorted. The sound is certainly reminiscent of a Klank record; Heavy tipped music with strong industrial under-and-overtones. There's even a song called "Downslide," speaking of a Klank touch. 

Cult of Jester's Golgo 13 is a breakthrough for the band and its fans. A filled out, well-done record that deserves the attention it seems to be getting. 

Tony LaFianza 7/17/2001 

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