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  Silver Lining
Artist: Clear Blue
Label: Tamer Productions
Time: 10 tracks/33:19 min.

I'm not sure of the reason why Janine Stange named her group Clear Blue, but as a fun assumption I'm going to guess it has to do with the change from her self titled strait rock album to the pleasantly clearer voiced with some blues influenced sophomore release, "Silver Lining."

Generally the album is less rock than the self titled release, but positively stretches her musical horizons.  Most striking and moving are the bluesy jazz sounds of  "Real Fantasy" and the dreamy "Angel".  Both songs show the growth of Janine's vocal interpretation and what I'd describe as a command of the chords.  Now don't get me wrong the girl can still rock, but it's nice to see an artist challenge her talent.

Sam Hagedorn 2/26/2001

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