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An Exercise in Humility
Artist: The Canterbury Effect
Label: Pluto Records
Length: 10 tracks/32:14

Most of the indie rock scene today is very unimaginative.  There must be a thousand emo bands out there with beautiful melodies, intricate basslines, excellent drumming, chiming guitars, and introspective lyrics about relationships and the struggles of American life.  The Canterbury Effect slide just to the side of the glut by adding punk and hardcore to their emo, and by doing it very well.  Vocals alternate from insecure and shaky singing to passionate and gritty yells.  The music is tight, dynamic, skillful, and meaningful.  Too bad it has to be made in the year 2001.  Still, if you like Hot Water Music or Planes Mistaken For Stars, or if you haven't heard any of the bands mixing emo, punk, and hardcore, The Canterbury Effect could easily find an honored place on your CD rack.

Josh Spencer    10/1/2001



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