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Business As Usual
Artist: Buck Enterprises
Label: Galaxy21 Music/Diamante
Time: 10 tracks/46:26 minutes

Get Real


Is ska dead? No, but it smells funny. Buck has changed its name from its acronym for "Building Up Christ's Kingdom" to Buck Enterprises and has had wholesale personnel and genre changes. Consumers would be better off supporting this band by buying a copy of its self-titled project, which is vastly superior to the inconsistent Business As Usual. Buck Enterprises is no longer a ska band, as the band has followed the lead from the OC Supertones (rock with horns). "Next" and "Samaritan" are excellent representatives of the first project, but only "Barriers" is a standout track from this collection, and I hope it gets plenty of airplay at Christian rock stations. It's musically reminiscent of "Samaritan," and lyrically (a call for a breakdown between interdenominational barriers), the Supertones' "One Voice." Excellent! Other performances are predictable at best (the final track, "The Return," is lyrically sharp but could have used a better arrangement) and lackluster at worst. An example is a cover of the Beatles' "Got to Get You into My Life," to which Paul McCartney would probably smile and say "nice." Buck is an incredibly talented band, but Business as Usual sounds like it was doing business as usual instead of having fun as the band did on its debut release.

Olin Jenkins  April 10, 2001

Buck is back in action after a bout with annoying record label red tape, release date delays, and membership changes. Luckily, such problems turned into triumphs for the band, which seems to have picked up the pieces and moved on with a lyrically hearty and musically mature project. The opening cut "All I Need" starts out in the band's classic "high-octane rock with horns" vibe. On this release, their sounds have evolved way past the restricting limits of the ska genre. Take, for instance, the touching finale, "Days Gone By," in which the main instrument presence is an acoustic guitar. Other prominent tracks are the reggae influenced "Barriers," and the fun cover of the Beatles' "Got to Get You Into My Life," complete with a horn section. Hats off to Buck for stepping it up a notch rather than throwing in the towel when the going got tough.

Andy Argyrakis 4/10/2001


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