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One Wild Night
Artist: Bon Jovi
Label: Island
Length: 15 Tracks/ 77:42

It's about time that rock and rollers Bon Jovi compiled their greatest hits, as well as a few covers, for a live recording. The unique aspect of this collection is the fact that it culls together some of their most important performances over the past 15 years, as opposed to most live projects that simply record one concert on a band's latest tour. And the fact that Bon Jovi can stay current in today's scene proves that they are a career band rather than just a flash in the pan like other 80s groups reuniting to tour this summer to make a quick buck (Think Poison and Quiet Riot).

One Wild Night starts off with the recent hit "It's My Life," from the group's 2000 Crush CD. From there, it's a flashback in time for
rollicking versions of "Livin on a Prayer" and "You Give Love a Bad Name."  Other highlights include an inspiring cover of Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World," which ironically was recorded in South Africa just after Nelson Mandela's release. Another music history defining moment occurs on the disc in the form of the Boomtown Rats cover "I Don't Like Mondays," live from Wembley Stadium. Bon Jovi was joined by Rats lead singer Bob Geldof, also of Live Aid founding fame, to perform the track for the Africa aiding concert's 10th anniversary. The blending of Geldof and Bon Jovi is superb and reminds listeners of how timeless the original song will always be.

This disc is a must have for any fan of the group and also serves as a fairly comprehensive collection for any casual fan wanting to feel
the excitement of a live Bon Jovi concert. Provided the group still feels like it, they can stay alive for some time to perhaps release a sequel to this disc in another decade.

Andy Argyrakis  8/3/2001


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