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Out of the Box 
Artist: Breathing Machine 
Label: Third Wave Records
Length: 11/50:53

Breathing Machine is four young men under the age of 20 from Appleton, Wisconsin.  Some of you may wonder what a band this young could possibly have to say.  As it turns out, quite a bit.

Cory Chisel's vocals defy pigeonholing-­he ranges from Mac Powell-style intensity ("Wishing Well", "Glass Doors") to Creed ("One Shadow") to Richard Page of Mr. Mister ("The End", "Lay Down With Lions").   At other times, the band's 80's influence shine through, at various times resembling John Waite, The Hooters, or The Alarm.

"Picket Signs" is the lyrical standout, demonstrating the problems caused when people defend their views a little too vehemently:

How do you reach the world when all they see is anger in our eyes?
  Save us, save us from ourselves…

 Put down your picket sign
 Show them that you care
 How will they see God 
 If we don't show Him here?

 Sometimes in our freedom we lose our cause…
 Sometimes we forget we were once sinners lost.

This is another strong effort by a band few have heard of.    Breathing Machine does a fine job of combining the sounds of the 80's and the 90's, while producing relevant and meaningful lyrics.  Definitely worth your time.

Brian A. Smith  11/10/2001



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