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In the Silence We Fight 
Artist: Beauty to Ashes 
Label: Vindicated from the Deep Water Records
Length: 6 tracks/18:11

Take your basic punk band, speed up the music, add a singer who growls and shouts the lyrics over the loudest music you can find, and you have what 90% of hardcore sounds like.  That said, Beauty to Ashes does show some talent.  Ryan Davis (bass), Alex Cabal (lead guitar), Aland Failde (drums), and Jason Martel (rhythm guitar) pound out six tunes that achieve their objective: providing a very loud soundtrack to the shouted vocals of Joel von Stietz.

"Unveil Your Eyes" points out the hypocrisy that creeps into some, thinking they are great servants in the church, while never objectively looking at their own lives.  Von Stietz's vocals start out in the style of Green Day, then degenerate into the yelling/growling that is typical of hardcore.  "Walking the Straight and Narrow" is much the same in regards to sound.

At times BTA approaches the sound of Rage Against the Machine or Sepultura, but for the most part, the lack of vocal quality detracts from the album as a whole. 

Brian A. Smith  11/10/2001



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