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Artist: The Autumns  
Label: Absalom Recordings
Length: 4 tracks

Although I was initially unimpressed by The Autumns, I've become quite enamored since hearing their stellar In the Russet Gold of This Vain Hour.  Successfuly picking up where the whole early 90's shoegazer era left off, The Autumns create a breathless cascade of sound, glittery golden pop that sounds like a Radiohead more intent on crafting intricately beautiful poems-as-songs rather than gloomy post-something soundscapes. Appropriately titled Covers, this CD features covers of 4 different artists (Lift To Experience, The Smiths, Nick Drake, and David Lynch), and all are handled beautifully. 

I really thought I'd be partial to the cover of Lift To Experience's "With The World Behind," but it's impossible to dismiss the other tracks. The most surprising rendition might be that of Nick Drake's "Time of No Reply," which is transformed into a swirling mix of reverbed guitars and crystalline drones. If I must pick a favorite, I'd go with David Lynch's "Just You And I", which captures all of "Twin Peaks"'s otherworldliness and infuses it with a sort of 50's pop ballad quality. Matthew Kelly's vocals are simply breathtaking here (and everywhere else), a voice that stands up there with Jeff Buckley, Thom Yorke, and Josh Pearson (Lift To Experience). 

The fact that I received this CD in the mail half an hour ago and I'm already gushing over it should say something for its quality. The first in a series of limited edition 3" CDs from Absalom Recordings, methinks it's a sign of good things to come. Absalom has already put out the wonderfully bizarre Denver Gentlemen, and this release is just another jewel in their crown. 

Jason Morehead.  4/14/2001 

Jason Morehead is also the publisher of Opuszine, a webzine devoted to independent music and cult cinema.  All of his reviews can also be found at



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