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At Any Cost Soundtrack
Artist : Various Artists
Label : Reprise Records
Length : 

The VH1 original movie At Any Cost first aired last fall and is currently re-running on the music channel.  The story is a touching and heart wrenching look at what it takes for a new band to make it big in the music business.  The story line revolves around the band Beyond Gravity and the drama of their fictional rise to fame.

The group was put together long before the film was made to record the music that would end up in the film and on the soundtrack CD.  "The idea was to create music that would advance the story but still fit organically within the framework of the piece," said script writer Spencer Proffer.  "The only way we could do that was to have total control over the elements that made up the whole story, the songs, and of course, the performers.  It was a unique approach and a risky one, but I think the results speak for

The results are fun to listen to in the form of Beyond Gravity's pop rock filled sound.  Even more fun, however, are additional contributions by some of the industry's already established artists.

The Barenaked Ladies open up the disc with their brand new hit single "Pinch Me."  The track is also off of their recently released Reprise Records disc "Maroon."  The song continues in the acoustic tradition of the Ladies, and features some of their unmistakable humorous lyrics, with a chorus that is very memorable.

Eagle Eye Cherry also comes out of seclusion for his new song "Been Here Once Before."  The alternative artist is best known for his one hit wonder status from a few years back with "Save Tonight."  In addition, the song "Thoughtless Innuendos" is featured from Kevin Martin, an artist best known for his time in the grunge group Candlebox.  

For those that have seen At Any Cost, this is probably a disc you'll want to pick up so you can have a portable version of the band in the film, as well as some other great tunes.  For those that haven't seen the movie yet, wait until you do before picking up the disc just to make sure you like its style.  There's no need to worry because VH1 re-runs their programming so often that you'd have to be away from the station for months not to run across it.

Andy Argyrakis 3/17/2001

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