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Redeeming the Time
Artist: Acoustic Shack
Label: Red Moon Records
Time: 10 tracks/38:34

Acoustic Shack is based primarily around the interplay of husband Michael Misiuk (producer, guitars, bass, synths) and wife Laura Misiuk (vocals). With drummer Ed Benrock, who has certainly done a tour of duty with many of the California based-bands and Steve R on additional instruments, the net result is something which is perhaps not as acoustic as one's first guess on hearing the band name would imply, but still a worthy listen. This particular album is a mixture of classic songs of the faith and new songs along the same lines, written by Acoustic Shack.  "How Great Thou Art" doesn't have any surprises, but it's a beautiful arrangement, none the less. The rendition of "Just A Closer Walk" is perhaps one of the better renditions I have heard in some time.  "Soon and Very Soon" and "Away In a Manger" are quite solid, as well. "I Have Decided" picks up a catchy little guitar lick which it runs with the whole time, almost to the point of being
an annoyance.  Fortunately, the Misiuks know when to fade out the tracks. Of the original material, the one track which soars above the rest is "Gloria."  What they have done with just the one word is nothing short of
fascinating.  "Fire In My Soul," "It's a Miracle" and "Santo Dios" are good, too, but not quite to the level of "Gloria."  The lyrics on the whole are straightforward and insightful. Perhaps it's not an acoustic album, but it's a fine album none the less. This is a Shack worth redeeming some time in.

Alex Klages 3/8/2001

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