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  Earth to Heaven
Artist: Any Given Day
Label: BEC Recordings
Length: 48:27 min/12 tracks

Earth to Heaven is a praise and worship album. At this point, you ought to know better than I do how you feel about these things; chances are you either really love them or really hate them. This one offers very little, either positive or negative, to the genre. Itís done by recently-signed-to-BEC band Cadet, and sounds very similar to their eponymous debut. If you canít get enough of modern praise and worship or Cadet, check it out. 

Michial Farmer 4/14/2001

The original Any Given Day project was a nice little worship record worthy of a few listens, but ultimately forgettable. Following suit, Earth To Heaven presents twelve more or less average worship rock tunes. BEC obviously spent quite a bit on packaging with this album, having released it in a slick white-colored plastic case (similar to the Saviour Machine Legend series). Very nice, eye-pleasing stuff.But you're not going to pay the price of a CD for its graphic presentation, are you? And, to tell you the truth, if you're not going to buy this album for its packaging, I wouldn't recommend buying it. There's not much setting Earth To Heaven apart from similar projects, i.e. Sonic Flood. The songs just aren't very interesting. Sure, there's some bright spots, most notably "The Happy Song" (originally a Delirious? tune), with its bustling rhythm and infectious joyfulness. But for the remainder of the record, I don't find anything particularly notable. 

Eric Daams 5/19/2001

Talk about confusion.  I had to call Third Coast Artists Agency regarding this project. On the heels of Cadet's self-titled debut recording, I received Any Given Day: Earth to Heaven from BEC Recordings at our radio station. After slipping it in my CD player and reading the liner notes, I discovered it's performed by Cadet. The good folks at Third Coast told me that Any Given Day: Earth to Heaven is a BEC praise and worship series with one featured artist. This is Cadet's turn, and this recording is a very
solid rock praise and worship offering.

With exception to three originals--two by bassist Jason Kennedy and one by guitarist Ryan Smith--you know these songs. The project begins with a sturdy punching delivery of Brian Doerksen's "Come and Fill Me Up" and moves straight into a more acoustic feel with Brenton Brown's "Lord Reign in Me,"
keeping the pace with the high-energy original Kennedy song, "I Will Worship."

Cadet does pretty well with Vineyard classics "I Lift My Eyes Up" and "Father of Lights," with the band's own musical stamp, as well as Maranatha tunes "Father, I Adore You/More Precious Than Silver," "He Reigns," and "As the Deer," which is absolutely lovely with backing strings. Darrell Evans' "Trading My Sorrows," with a full choir reminiscent of Amy Grant's Songs from the Attic, caps it all off nicely.

Besides my being surprised to receive an unexpected project from Cadet, my next question is this: is  Earth to Heaven a quickly-recorded answer to the current trend of praise and worship offerings? Some of these recordings are rough. Cadet could have taken more time with "Father, I Adore You/More Precious Than Silver." The band's treatment of Martin Smith's "The Happy Song" isn't bad, but it sounds more like Zippy Josh and the Rag Tag Band (acoustic punkabilly)--just a bit out of place with the rest of this project.

But the guys did contribute some excellent original songs. All three are along the acoustic lines, and "Great and Mighty" (segues nicely into "He Reigns") is my personal favorite.

The liner notes include guitar chords along with the lyrics, which suggests to me that Cadet and BEC are inviting us to use these songs for praise and worship services. If including the chords is a trend, it's a good one.

I like Earth to Heaven very much. It has enough of the Cadet style, contemporary praise and worship, and BEC sound to make it worth the time to check it out and utilize it right away for personal or youth
group praise and worship.

Olin Jenkins  5/21/2001


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