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Box Americana
Artist: Benjamin Antell
Label: Riverside Records
Length: 12 Tracks

With one of the most bizarre CD covers I've ever seen and a distorted sound that I can't tell is intentional or is the result of a poor quality studio, Benjamin Antell certainly is intriguing. The artwork on the cover and throughout the disc features different bodies with the face of the same person; oftentimes, that face seems out of place with the body. But musically, everything seems to blend in a pop/rock direction possibly inspired by the likes of early Roxy Music or the experimental stylings of ex-Talking Heads member David Byrne. "Hollywood Pollywould" demonstrates the latter, while "2Morrow Could B Yesterday" brings listeners back to the early MTV days. "Departure" ends out this diverse disc with a gentle, ethereal sound, a la Bryan Ferry.

Andy Argyrakis 5/26/2001

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