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There Are Angels Among Us
Artist: Various
Label: Ballistic Test Productions/ 
Time: 57:43 12 Tracks


From cheesey roller rink techno ("Going Home"), to a powerful ambient opus("Twilight State"), to the demented "Born Blind", this comp. covers every sub genre' that dark electronica has to offer. Industrial compilations very seldom have a perfect song listing, and this is the case with this album. There are a scant few that do little more than annoy and embarass. But the majority of the showcase major talent. From this compilation, there will definitely be a few bands that I'm gonna keep my eye open for. Just like you should do if you spot this album.

Justin W. Jones 3/7/2001

Track Listing
1) I Am the Man by A Different Kind of Cop
2) Love Sonnet by Silverstar
3) Disrupted by Null Factor
4) Evil by Faith
5) Darkness (My Finest Hour) by Static:Soul
6) Shifting Conflicting by Substructure
7) Isolation by Level 9
8) Born Blind by Blind Child
9) Outside by The Eternal Chapter
10) Ruin by Idyll Hands
11) Twilight State by True Color of Blood
12) Going Home by Urban Faith  

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