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  The Alvaro López Project
Artist: Alvaro López & Res-Q Band
Label: One Voice
Length: 15 tracks

Alvaro López hits the streets with his self-titled English/Spanish meld, The Alvaro López Project on One Voice Records.  Joining López is a group of multi-talented musicians called the Res-Q Band.  Blending flavors of jazz, rock and fusion with Latin percussion and rhythms, López creates his own cool, funky sound.  The Alvaro López Project has a feel reminiscent of the original jazz fusion jam band Koinonia due to the guest appearances of Koinonia alums Justo Almario and Abraham Laboriel. López and Res-Q Band join the community of collaborative music making, and achieve a fresh house party feel that is uplifting and encouraging.  The music is a prime vehicle for the lyrics, which bring a message of love, hope and joy.

Songs range from smooth jazz ballads (“Dream” and “She’s Beautiful”) to full-on jam sessions (“Res-Q Interlude” and “Jazz Jam”).  López is well-known in musician’s circles for his talent as a drummer, but he is also quite talented as a producer, producing this record as well as those of label mates Ileana Garces and Freddie Colloca.  Of the three, The Alvaro López Project is the most varied in style and the most
fun to listen to.  Using everything from Tower of Power’s peppy horns to strings by the Symphony of Mexico to synth effects and drum loops, the English and Spanish songs hit home for the jazz lover as well as the Latin music aficionado.

Alvaro López & Res-Q Band picks up where Koinonia left off, and resurrects the hope of having another top-notch Christian jazz band to jam along with.

Zik Jackson
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