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En Route
Artist: First Water 
Label: Independent
Length: 14/ 73:59

First Water is a Delaware-based trio that does Scriptural acoustic pop and rock.  Mix Andrew Peterson, Huddle, Jars of Clay into a pot, add a dash of vocals from Ed Kowalczyk (Live), and stir.  Let it simmer for a few hours, and the result would be En Route, the debut album from First Water. 

“Free 2” chronicles the life of Jesus in three minutes, depicting the healing of a lame man, conflict with the Pharisees, the crucifixion, and the forgiveness Christ gives to a thief hanging on a cross next to Him.  The freedom referred to is that which Christians receive as a benefit from Jesus’ actions. First Water quotes the Bible throughout in their lyrics - “Free 2,” “Confidence,” and “Sitting Shotgun” all directly lift New Testament passages, while several other songs paraphrase verses.  “Verses” is a series of passages set to music.  

En Route reminds me somewhat of Much Afraid (Jars of Clay).  It is an album I suspect will be under-appreciated, but features many hidden truths (and some not so hidden) for those who are willing to give it a chance.

Brian A. Smith 11/10/2001



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