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Artist: Youth Exodus
Label: Reggae Roar Ent.
Length: 8 tracks at 37:26 minutes

Mr. Raggamuffin

Until I heard Youth Exodus, I knew of only two bands in Christian music putting out real reggae music, Christifari and The Israelites. Youth Exodus, a group of five young Californian guys (four are originally from the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific), wanted to use the music of their growing up to praise God. Tonga is a long way from Jamaica, but it is an island, mon, and Youth Exodus produces a sound as authentic as anything coming out of the Caribbean. This CD was recorded live in front of a friendly crowd and the sound is crisp. The roots reggae music is refreshing as the guys play from their hearts and Youth Exodus has a more mature sound than their years should allow. Mostly traditional reggae, the band throws in a little ska and dancehall music. The songs are fun and uplifting. Youth Exodus is starting to get some deserved attention from labels and record stores, and we could be hearing more from these guys some time soon.

Tony LaFianza  4/9/2000


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