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We the Living Vol. Two
Artists: Various
Label: etc. records
Length: 18 tracks 

True Tunes has long been a supporter of independent music.  In an effort to make the music more accessible, the decision was made to put together a compilation of some of the best music in the indie scene today.  The vision was to create a three volume compilation - Vol. 1 featuring rock, alternative, punk, and hardcore, Vol. 2 would highlight acoustic, singer-songwriter and Triple A music, and Vol. 3 would consist of  electronica, goth, darkwave and industrial music.  We The Living, Vol.1 was released in 1999, but due to distribution problems the other two volumes were held up until the past summer when they were released at Cornerstone Festival.

We The Living Vol. 2, the acoustic compilation of the series, is an 18 song collection of music varying from light rock to folk to combinations of many different genres.  Some of the artists have gone on since this recording to record on well-known labels.  The Vigilantes of Love are featured with the song "Run Through My Veins" having since moved on to Compass Records.  Mark Olson and the Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers have a new cd out on Hightone Records.  Their song "Owens Valley Day" is included here.  And Bebo Norman has gone on to record on the new Watershed label and is featured here with "Picture of Things."  Others have continued as independents - John Austin, Ric Hordinski, Denison Witmer, and Jason Harrod to name a few.

As with any compilation, there are some real gems here and a few that might not interest everyone.  But, being true to the idea of a singer-songwriter, Triple A, compilation, variety is to be expected.  Some highlights- a live version of VoL's "Run Through My Veins," Ric Hordinski's "St. Christopher," an exclusive on the project, "Breathe In This Life," a beautiful tune by Denison Witmer, and Jason Harrod, live, performing "Looming."  And as with any good Triple A radio station, there are a couple of tunes representing the dark, 
slightly skewed, side of that genre.  These would be Dan Donovan's "Send In the Poets," and Swamp Cranks "Money," a dark treatise on the evils of money.

All of  this is music with a purpose.   Not only are independent artists given a forum to share their music, but the proceeds of the sales of the cd's in this series go to a worthy cause.  All the artists have donated their royalties to the Dave Bunker Medical Relief fund.  Bunker is a long time supporter and contributor to True Tunes who was stricken with thyroid cancer in 1998.  He as since fully recovered, but with no medical insurance, still faces significant bills from the surgeries and treatments.  Proceeds from these cd's will help offset those costs.

True Tunes is to be commended for their efforts to bring indie music to a wider audience.  It's not often that music by such a wide variety of accomplished artists can be found on one cd.  This is a great way to sample the music of some of these people and, hopefully, go on to purchase their full length releases.  Or, if you just want a nice sampling of acoustic, singer-songwriter, Triple A type music, set this one on the cd player and enjoy!

Janet Friesen 10/22/2000



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