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Trouble With X
Artist: The W's
Label: 5 Minute Walk
Length: 15 tracks

Used Car Salesman
Rather be Dead

Fresh from a high profile appearance with the legendary Larry Boy, the W's continue to peddle their brand of swing, ska and rock influenced pop songs. The tracks here are catchy enough to get most toes tapping, but it's debatable whether many will want to use this for recreational listening as there's not quite enough variety to keep going for 15 tracks. A fun release, but more one for parties than reflective listening.

James Stewart 1/15/2000


The W's are notable for their silliness. Nobody said swing was supposed to be serious, but the W's take silliness to extremes.

The silliest song is, of course, "The Rumor Weed". This was the first time that the VeggieTales gang called on any outside musical artist to join their happy throng. This is fortunate, since only the W's could keep up with the manic vegetables.  The song, while replete with silliness, gets the message across Rumors are a dangerous thing.

Only a couple of songs escape the silliness. "Rather Be Dead" is a great love song:

What you see is what you get...
When all is done and all is said,
Without you, girl, I'd rather be dead.
OK, so it's not exactly rocket science. But did you expect it to be?  The cover, which portrays the members of the band as Air Force members, is quite clever, though the booklet, as thick as it is, should've had the lyrics. Fortunately, this being swing, it's not entirely necessary to have a lyric sheet, though it might have been nice.

This album is not serious; it's not spiritual. It's just a fun disc. And at that, and only at that, it's really good.

Josh Marihugh 3/5/2000

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