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Starting From Scratch
Artist: Vision
Label: Marxan Records
Length: 11 tracks/41:51 minutes

Bad Boys

Extremely smooth urban music, Vision is three brothers who sing and rap. Jason, Joe and Jerome hailing from Sandusky, Ohio have written, arranged, and produced all the songs on this debut with Marxan records. The first part of the record flows out of the speakers with beauty and grace like a mountain stream with strong bass lines and relaxing harmonies. The music had me swaying in rhythm to the slow numbers and bobbing with the faster ones. The third track, "Bad Boys," features a reggae beat and rap behind easy harmonies. The fourth song is a more traditional spiritual, with the question, "What you know about Jesus?" and the answer, "He's alright!" all floating over a Stevie Wonder-like staccato bass. The record continues on to feature phat bass, scratching DJs, popping drums, and the occasional rhymes between the fine vocal performances. The tenth cut, "Destiny," is a bit more intense with more guitar work and pleading vocals. The brothers return to the smooth keyboard and soaring harmonies for the final tune, "When the Praises." This is a very fine start (from scratch) for Vision.

Tony LaFianza 4/09/2000

Visions took awhile to grow on me. They take a hip-hop style and mix it with the old traditional gospel music. The album fooled me because it starts off real fast but then the music slows down. It works because it's different. The CD is definitely a keeper

Maurice Lofton 4/10/2000



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