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All the Way to Heaven
Artist: V*Enna
Label: Essential Records
Length: 7 tracks

All The Way To Heaven 

V*Enna  is a new group that hopes to go beyond the Back Street Boys and Britney Spears' materialistic message to reach kids for Christ, and to challenge them to grow in their faith instead of following the crowd. Lucy Britten is from the UK and Sharnessa Shelton from the US.  Mark Penells of Worldwide Message Tribe introduced the two and the rest is history. This is their introductory EP--$2.99 will get you seven tracks with four versions of one song and 3 versions of the other song.

The pre-teens will probably love them. Unfortunately, the average adult may want to avoid them. The first song which was the one release to radio was my least favorite.  The lyrics are insipid:

When all is said and done
You will be the only One
No more loneliness and sorrow
I have found a new tomorrow....

Now I know I need your love
And I know Your love is real
Let me show You how I feel

Take me with You
Show me the way to heaven
I've found the Truth
Now I will live forever

The lyrics seems to show Jesus as some sort of boyfriend rather than Lord and God--not very realistic.  The second song " Sunshine & Rhine" isn't half bad with crisper lyric and is done as a duet with works better.

This electric Euro-dance sound will remind you of the old Silverwind.  All hope isn't lost if V*Enna just needs better lyrics as some of the tracks show that they can turn out some good dance music.

Linda LaFianza and Shari Lloyd 3/11/2000


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