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Ultimate Nitro Praise
Artist: Various
Label: N*soul Records
Length: 22 tracks/66:01 minutes

N*soul Records’ Ultimate Nitro Praise reprises the best of the popular “Nitro Praise” series of dance/praise CD’s. DJ Bunny has taken tracks from the first seven discs in the series and mixed a continuous soundtrack for your enjoyment. Continuously beat mixed at 130-35 bpm, one track flows into the next without interruption or change of pace. You can dance for more than an hour to the pounding beats and clapping synth keyboards singing with all of your favorite church songs. Tracks include “More Precious Than Silver,” “He Has Made Me Glad,” “Great Are You Lord,” “Create In Me a Clean Heart,” “Let the Walls Fall Down,” and many more. With Nitro Praise teams touring the country, and the proven popularity of the praise song/techno/dance combination this record will probably do well too. Do you feel like dancing with your hands up in the air? Wooop wooop…..

Tony LaFianza 4/10/2000



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