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The Undecided
Artist: The Undecided
Label: Tooth & Nail Records
Length: 18 tracks / 38:10 minutes

The Undecided play faster than usual pop punk, with lots of those little speed-ups in the picking that bands like NOFX do so well. They sound just like Ten Foot Pole, though, with a little less muscle. The vocals don't get quite as wussy as MxPx, and they mostly stick to one singer or two-part harmonies. Lyrics are all drawn from personal relationships and observations of people, and seem to focus on the separations that come between people due to time, distance, and conflict. There's also some confrontation about lust ("Disfigured"), commentary on economic inequalities ("Land of Opportunity") and acknowledgement of first-person sin and weakness ("I'm Not Strong Enough," "Forgotten"). There are no open references to God or Jesus, but Scripture verses with some of the songs make sure you get the inferences.

Pretty much every song on this album sounds the same. The Undecided have joined the mass of punk bands that are tight, competent, and professional...but totally unnecessary. 

Josh Spencer  3/28/00



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