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Trip to a Planet Called Heaven
Artist:  Ultrabeat
Label:  BEC Recordings
Time:  11 Tracks/48:49 minutes

BEC Recordings has just signed a techno-praise band named Ultrabeat.  Their debut CD, Trip to a Planet Called Heaven, has the weak points of both genres.  On the praise and worship side, the lyrics are simplistic to the point of cheesiness, and while some might argue that worship music doesn't have to be intelligently written, it also doesn't need to be so shallow that listeners receive an oversimplified idea of God's character.   Meanwhile, the album has some of the common weak points of the techno genre as well - the monotonous music, the unimaginative keyboards, and the annoying vocals.

Here's an example.  "Pure Heart," which was featured on Tooth & Nail's recent Cheapskates compilation, borrows heavily from the already overused praise chorus, "Create In Me a Clean Heart," and its melody was stolen from another well-known praise song:

    Create in me a heart that's pure like You
    Create in me a soul that's longing for You
    Give me a love, a love like Yours
    And let Your light shine so fair and so bright
    Let it shine

Unfortunately, this song is the most enjoyable one on the album.

To be fair, this is their first album. Ultrabeat still has plenty of time to grow, both musically and lyrically. However, if their future albums are on the same level as their debut, I'd advise listeners to stay away.

Michial Farmer 3/5/2000


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