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Long 2B Long
Artist: TVB
Label: Indie
Length: 7tracks/26.23

British Youth for Christ's itinerant outreach band' is back with their latest lineup (it changes once each year) and a dancey sound on this album, released to support their year of largely schools-based outreach work.

The general feel is sometimes close to the World Wide Message Tribe, especially on the rap-driven "Shake." In other places it's a slightly more funk-influenced pop-dance sound which comes through. This is strongest on the title track. Generally, however, the recording doesn't quite have the energy to make the EP stand out.

The lyrics are simple but fairly evangelistic, and as the title suggests the focus is on acceptance and belonging, which is a particular theme of the band's evangelistic message.

A much more cohesive recording than the last TVB release, this could still do with a bit more energy behind it.

James Stewart 06/28/2000


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