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It’s All About Grace
Artist: Truth
Label: Pamplin Music
Length: 10 tracks/38:21

It's All About Grace
After nearly 30 years in existence, Truth still is the model for the inspirational mixed chorale.  Despite label-hopping over the past decade, and the constant member changes (singers usually do two-year stints) the group continues to provide its standard-setting brand of vocal pop and worship to church audiences.  Consider It’s All About Grace, Truth’s latest release on Pamplin Music.  It fits all the requirements of a Truth album: tight vocal harmonies, snazzy brass accompaniments, a mix of new and familiar tunes, and a glimpse at some of the most talented young vocalists in the nation.  Boasting such household names as 4HIM, Steve Green, Natalie Grant, and two members of Avalon among its alumni, Truth has established itself as a farm club of Christian music’s future stars.

Even though It’s All About Grace is on the short side at only thirty-eight minutes, the ten songs are all of sufficient quality as to make an enjoyable listening experience.  Adding its unique touch on Andraé Crouch’s “Just Like He Said He Would” and Babbie Mason’s “Nothing Is Impossible,” Truth experiments with Black Gospel, but doesn’t quite touch the soul like The Disciples or The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir do on those tunes.  Other fine tunes include “Your Love,” “Nothing Is Impossible,” and the medley “Whatever It Takes/He Is Able.”  The Southern Gospel-flavored “We’re Taking This Land” was tolerable, but not a favorite.

Truth blurs the line between being a praise and worship band and a pure performance band.  By playing the songs with such professionalism and polish, one may be intimidated to sing along and prefer to just listen to the soaring solos.  On the other hand, their choice of songs can’t help but draw the listener into worship.  While Truth doesn’t explore any new musical ground on It’s All About Grace (they haven’t really since the laughable “rap” section on the Keep Believing album), longtime fans will appreciate the stability and consistency of the “Truth sound.”  It is a sound aspired to by college choirs and mixed ensembles around the country, but none can execute it like Truth does.

In other news, founder and choir director Roger Breland has anointed his two sons, Jeremy Breland and Jason Breland to carry the torch of Truth to the next generation and recently was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.  Congrats to Mr. Breland on sustaining a fine chorale and band for so long.  Christian music is the better for it.

Zik Jackson  11/26/2000
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