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Artist: Various
Label: KMG
Time: 15 Tracks/64:48 min.

KMG Records’ release, Trendsetters-Rock, sends the listener on a trip back in time…to the 1980’s.  It is part of a four CD Trendsetters series, with metal, hip-hop, and alternative also covered.  The Altar Boys, Angelica, Idle Cure, Liaison, and Magdallan are included on this compilation, reminding us just how far Christian music has come.

All the songs include at least one guitar solo, strong vocals and a sing-along quality to them.  One song that stood out was Crumbächer’s “Backyard Changes”, a song with a catchy melody and lyrics that pointed out that to make a difference you have to start with changing yourself.  Indeed, these bands were the trendsetters for the Christian music industry, and may have helped influence many of today’s Christian artists.

Chelsea Lewis 9/06/2000



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