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Tongues of Fire
Artist: Various 
Label: Rhythm House Records
Length: 13 tracks/66:46

Steve Bell, Mary-Kathryn, Adrian Snell, David Fitzgerald, Vanessa Freeman, Terl Bryant, Ben Okafor, Maire Brennan and other artists come together to create a unique worship experience called Tongues of Fire.  This is not your run-of-the-mill Hosanna/Vineyard/Maranatha compilation, but rather a worship album “for the rest of us.”  The songs here reflect the sounds of many ethnic groups, from Maire Brennan’s Enya-like ethereal Celtic soundscapes, to Mary-Kathryn’s opener which sounds like it’s sung in tongues, to African rhythms, to techno-aboriginal sounds that defy description.

There are some great musical moments here, such as an extended bass solo on one cut, and a generally “tribal” feel to the whole album.  Cultural music from around the world is represented.  Fans of the TV show “Survivor” would enjoy it, but it probably won’t catch on with the mainstream listening audience because it is so different.

Zik Jackson 8/29/2000



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