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Live Under the Red Moon
Artist:  The Call
Label:  Conspiracy Music
Tracks: 13 Tracks

Classic rock legends The Call are set to release their first official live album this fall in the form of Live Under the Red Moon.  The project hits streets on the Conspiracy Music Record Label including 13 of the group’s best-loved songs.

The Call has been an influential group since their debut in 1982 on Mercury Records.  Through the 80s, they stood out as a driving rock force combining inspirational lyrics in the vibe of Bob Dylan or Van Morrison, while their sound was more like U2 meets Peter Gabriel.  The group took a few years break at the start of the 90s only to be re-grouped by founder and lead singer Michael Been in 1995.  Live Under the Red Moon was recorded before that re-grouping in 1990 on the “Red Moon" tour. 

The disc opens up with a suitable concert start in the form of “Floating Back.”  From the get go in the set The Call builds momentum and proves why the group stood out during the 80s alternative scene.  The band serves up exciting renditions of other fan favorites like “This is Your Life,” “I Don’t Wanna,” and “You Were There.”  The album’s standout track is the extended version of the hit single “I Still Believe,” in which Been shouts out each chorus with renewed enthusiasm and passion. The album closes out with the equally powerful and uplifting “Let the Day Begin.”  

Andy Argyrakis 9/9/2000



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