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Requiem For The Lost Children
Artist: Temple of the Times
Label: Blacklight
Time: 10 Tracks/35:45 min.

Out of the Darkness

Looking at this band's album art, names of tracks and record label, I knew I was in for a change of pace from the usual mainstream sound.  Temple of the Times possesses an industrial, gothic sound unlike any I have heard before.  Strong electronic beats pulse while samples and vocal tracks play alongside.  The samples range from people talking and chains rattling to what sounds like metal pipes.  The vocals are often distorted and quieter than the music, but that adds a nice effect to the overall sound. 

Temple of the Times consists of just two people, Anthony Roberts and Bikos.  They share the vocals, the writing, programming and playing all the instruments needed.  The two men show their talents with ease on the release.  The album includes six unique tracks, and four remixes of Requiem For The Lost Children, each with its own different sound, whether it is a dance track or a slower version of the song.  Some song names include "Bloodstained," "Seventh Seal," and Out of the Darkness," each dealing with the darkness of this world and the evils within it.  The CD was a great pleasure to listen to, the industrial sound and attitude radiates newness and a different perspective of the Christian walk. 

Chelsea Lewis 10/07/2000



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