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Something You Ain't Heard Before
Artist:  Various Artists
Label: Praise Revolution Records
Time: 22 tracks/86:49 min.

Something You Ain't Heard Before is a compilation of 22 well made pieces of music from artists you may or may not have heard before.  While I didn't get a chance to see how the final project would appear in its saleable format, I was impressed with both the production quality and the musical and lyrical content of the tunes.

Eclectic is a really good word to describe this collection. You will hear reggae, pop, hip-hop, techno, folk, grunge, metal, and most importantly the name of Jesus. Included are cuts from Daniel's Window, Christafari, Evergreen, Urban Militia, Sierra Hart and DJ Stereoman just to name a few. The final cut from Ricky B & Forgiven (the title tune "Somethin' You Ain't Heard Before") is all-the-way down rap at its rawest and rightest. "Stay the Same" from Daniel's Window uses synthesizers, strong rhythm and straight ahead vocals and lyrics to cut right to the point of Hebrews 13:8. "Conversations" from Sara Groves is a sweet, lilting, yet on-point study of who we are and what should (and shouldn't) be expected of us. There is a lot more neat stuff to listen to, pretty much something for every taste here, all pretty conceived and well performed.

That all sounds very glowing and wonderful and it is what I believe and feel, but there is a catch. This is not yet a finished product.  I have not seen cover art, or completed CDs. We know who the record label is but not where, when or if it will be available. The best I can suggest is to keep tuning back in to the Tollbooth to see if there is more news about this project, perhaps they will let us know when and where it will be for sale. Until then we can just hope to see this nice collection of work from a great mixed bag of

Alan Harvey 8/16/2000


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