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Signature Songs Series
  • Wes King
  • Kim Hill
  • AI Denson
  • Michael James
  • Billy Sprague
  • Michael Card 
Label: Greentree
Length: Wes King - 10 tracks/40:05 
Kim Hill -  10 tracks/ 38:07 minutes
AI Denson - 10 tracks/43:11 minutes
Michael James - 10 tracks/44:12 minutes
Billy Sprague -  10 tracks/43:24 minutes
Michael Card - 10 tracks/35:01 minutes

Most of us probably don't remember the Greentree label. It  was originally founded in the mid '70's as the contemporary Christian music label at The Benson Company and featured such industry forerunners as Dallas Holm, Reba Rambo, The Wall Brothers Band, and Tim Shepherd. Well! Provident Music Distribution has announced the rebirth of the old Greentree  label. Greentree's Signature Songs is the first in a series of  releases in the planning. Signature Songs includes six  best of compilation from Wes King, Kim Hill, AI Denson, Michael James, Billy Sprague and Michael Card.   These projects feature reflective liner notes written by the artists themselves sharing personal thoughts and stories about the songs. Some of these songs are out-of-print and thus no longer available. To make them more tempting, they are budget priced at $9.99.  Most of the songs in general represent the artist's early works.  For example, Michael Card's songs are from 1981-1983. However, each has been re-mastered and given the pop nature of most of these releases,  they avoid having a dated feeling.  Michael Card and Billy Sprague were my favorites but that only reflects my personal tastes.  If you are fans of any of these artists and don't have their earlier works, grab their CD today. 

Shari Lloyd 1/30/2000

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