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The Sally Family New Projections
Artist: Various
Label: Sally Forth Records
Time: 13 tracks/ 40:16min.


An intriguing bit of music from the clan of Sally Forth Records, a Dutch record label.  Of the 9 bands on this sampler, Selfminded's "Clean" is the only cut that is explicitly Christian and this shred of hardcore madness is taken from their self titled debut.  Kryptonite Garden's quirky violin merriment contrasting with their females vocals intrigued the ears as did Glorybox's chick folk rock which was clean sounding with a nice hook.  The experimental electronica of Rollercoaster 23 played fun with the eardrums.  This sampler does the bands justice and sells a visit to the label's website.

Sam Hagedorn 006/17/2000



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