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Artist: Kate Campbell
Label: Compass Records
Length: 10 tracks/40:57 minutes

Who Will Pray for Junior

A Flannery O'Connor quotation on the sleeve of Kate Campbell's fourth album Rosaryville is a fair indication of what goes on inside. Campbell is a literary southern singer songwriter who tells ordinary stories of every day lives and always brings a depth charge of truth to bear, all with a spiritual twist. Rosaryville is her most fulfilled work to date.

There are the tales; Rosa a cigar roller ("Rosa's Coronas"); a mother about to leave her son an orphan ("Who Will Pray for Junior"); brother Joseph building the wonders of the world in his own backyard ("Ave Maria Grotto"); and Kate herself and her relationship with home ("In My Mother's House"). There are the one line pearls of simple yet profound wisdom; "It's a long and slow surrender, retreating from the past" ("Look Away"), "Some like to hear themselves talk but seldom say anything at all" ("Heart of Hearts"); "And when time erodes everything man-made, true devotion will still remain" ("Ave Maria Grotto"). This lady is Nanci Griffith with depth and bite. Brilliant songs, brilliantly executed. Let's hope they don't go brilliantly unheard.

Steve Stockman1/22/2000


Steve Stockman is a Chaplain at Queens University, Belfast, Ireland, where he lives in community with 88 students. He used to book the bands for Greenbelt, edits Juice magazine, has a weekly radio show on BBC Radio Ulster and a web page at http://stocki.ni.org. He also tries to spend some time with his wife Janice and 20 month old daughter Caitlin.


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