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Rock Vs. Roll
Artist: Various Artists
Label: M8 Records 
Time: 17 tracks/69:00
As with most samplers, this one is a mixed bag, with some tracks that demand the listener's attention, some that request the listener's attention, and some that have the listener clicking the "next track" button.  Bride, Titanic, Leviticus, Guardian, and Bloodgood all have high-quality, high-octane tracks on this disc, but cuts like the Philadephia track have too much noise in the background.  Yes, it's a live track, but there's too much crowd ambiance to make it easy to listen to. 

On the Rock Side, the Terry Taylor, the 77s, Altar Boys, the Walter Eugenes and Daniel Amos cuts are all good, but the LSU ones just aren't quite up to snuff, nor is the live Bride track.  Oh well.  The primary point to a compilation such as this is to let the music-buying public know what's out there.  And that's what this does.

Alex Klages 9/30/2000

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