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What Kind of Love
Artist: Margaret Becker
Label: Sparrow:
Length: 10 tracks/48.29 minutes

What Kind Of Love (sample)

Teaming up with producer Tedd Tjornhom for the latest installment in her unfolding musical story, Margaret Becker continues to carve her niche in the soulful pop market, well removed from her rockier origins. What Kind of Love is a relaxed recording, with Becker's insistent voice riding on a well rounded backing from a range of musicians including Lynn Nichols (Chagall Guevara) and Peter Furler (the Newsboys).

A relatively catchy batch, the songs fit together coherently, but don't have the edge of Becker's best remembered tracks. The lyrics are fairly safe fare, and it would be good to see the writers (all but one of the tracks come from the pens of Becker and various co-writers) trying to break the mould a little more often. Not a chapter that really pushes any boundaries, but one that will keep the attention of determined readers.

James Stewart  01/13/2000


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