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The Rock & Roll Rebellion
Author: Mark Joseph
Publishers: Broadman, Holdman Publishers
Length: 316 pages
In Roaring Lambs,  Bob Briner issued a clear call for Christians to reclaim culture by joining it rather than running from or boycotting it. In this book, Mark Joseph takes a very opinionated but thought-provoking view that by creating a separate marketing category for Christian music we have "ghettoized" the genre to our detriment as well as the general culture's. Joseph liken's it to the Negro Baseball League.  He then presents a very interesting discussion involving several groups from the standpoint of the artists who are in the world (The Remnant), artists who left the world for CCM (The Defectors), those who are only interested in playing for a Christian audience (Out of the World's), and those who have crossed over to the secular music world (The Rebels). Although I don't always agree with his classifications, the book is apparently well researched but some of his conclusions regarding specific artists seem a bit of a stretch. Nevertheless, CCM industry and Christian artists as a whole would benefit from reading this book. Christians can do much, much more by using their God-given talents to create beautiful music that might impact the world instead sticking their heads in the sand. Well worth the time!

Shari Lloyd 11/24/2000 





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