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Live God Loud
Artist: Acquire the Fire
Label: Organic Records
Length: 10 tracks/49:24
Live God Loud?

Along with the growth in teen music over the past few years, there has also been strong growth in praise and worship music.  Live God Loud from the band Acquire the Fire (associated with Teen Mania Ministries and founder Ron Luce), is a juxtaposition of both--teen worship music.  Cranking out intense “power praise” produced by metalhead David Zaffiro and Doug Reiden, the album bills itself as “worship for a new revolution.”

Opening the electrified live experience, “Live God Loud” gives a militant thundering roar, something like a tribal war chants for teens.  The second track follows in the same vein, bellowing “Acquire the Fire” as loudly as the screaming guitars that accompany it.  The songs are built to sing along with, and are easy to learn.

Unfortunately, the overall tone, especially the first two tracks, comes across as more hype than sincerity, although the album does move into a decent worship experience in the later tracks. 

Here’s a quick track listing:
1. Live God Loud
2. Acquire The Fire
3. All My Life
4. Here I Am
5. You Are The Holy One
6. I Bow Down
7. Your Love Oh Lord (Psalm 36)
8. Hungry, Falling On My Knees
9. Lord I Give You Me
10. Stand Up

Teen Mania should be commended for reaching out to the teen scene to draw them into worship.  At the same time, efforts to whip teens into a frenzied froth are at best short-lived and at worst end up hollow, like one feels after too much Halloween candy. Live God Loud may serve the purpose of introducing teens to a live worship experience, but it is not destined to become a classic in the praise & worship genre, like Integrity’s Hosanna!'s The Lord Reigns_ or >Maranatha Praise Band’s debut Jesus, Mighty God.  While Live God Loud tries to keep up a high-intensity level of energy, even on the slow tracks, it eventually becomes overdone and devolves into hype.  Nevertheless, “You Are The Holy One” is the undisputed highlight of the album with its sticky hook and soaring harmonies.

Zik Jackson
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