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Listen Louder  
Artist: Various
Label: Sparrow 
Length: 12 tracks/53.39 minutes

Humble Thyself In the Sight of the Lord 
Psalm 139  

Bringing together some of the most highly regarded of the younger artists emerging into the CCM marketplace with a few more established names, Listen Louder is sure to attract many listeners to the pop songs it contains. Unfortunately the album isn't so compelling as its contributors's profiles might suggest.

The new recording of Delirious's "Come Like You Promise," also found as a b-side on the "It's OK" single, is a strong starter. Jennifer Knapp keeps the attention level up and Raze's fairly predictable pop-dance song isn't too bad. But things soon begin to slip as the album progresses.

The idea of Kevin Smith dueting with SonicFlood is sure to appeal to many, but the result is less than satisfying. It would appear that the band was pushing for a reflective, worshipful sound, but the result is too sparse to hook the listener in and set alongside with fairly similar tracks from Switchfoot, Audio Adrenaline, and Luna Halo, the middle stretch of the album will not grip many listeners.

There are some good songs here, but not nearly as many as might be expected. This collection of artists promised so much, but the end product doesn't deliver.

James Stewart  04/29/2000



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