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Artist: Joe Ferry
Label: Electica/N-Soul
Length: 7 tracks/41:21 minutes

Many listeners complain that the shout used for ska lacks the reverence for proper praise. Multi-Grammy nominated producer Joe Perry has gotten around this by releasing an instrumental album of ska praise.  Perry used a talented group of studio musicians on this album of traditional ska.  Unfortunately, the musicians don't appear to be familiar with ska.  Even the great production of the album doesn't cover the fact that the back beat which is so much a part of ska is generally off. However, the blues and jazz riffs are wonderful.  Had they stuck to those genres, this would have been a great album.  The music selections, while unorthodox, are interesting--adaptions of "Ave Maria,"  Mozart's Requiem, and "The Hallelujah Chorus." Unfortunately, as ska, it just doesn't cut it.

Linda LaFianza & Shari Lloyd 2/23/2000


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