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Life Long Journey
Artist: FrosíT
Label: 4th Man Records
Length:15 tracks at 53:38 minutes

FrosíT releases his first record on N*Soulís subsidiary 4th Man Records to an anticipatory hip hop crowd. FrosíT released a previous CD on another label that was well received a few years ago, but here he is better produced and takes more experience into the studio. Hard working FrosíT brings it from a West Coast/East Coast style. As MC, he raps with honesty and passion, phrasing his love for God in every track. Fast when he needs to be, FrosíT always hits with timing, making it look easy. The beats and jams are up front, but never overpowering. The message is central, and the message is that we need the Lord. Some of the tracks bring to mind the funky side of Snoop Dogg, or Gospel Gangsters. In fact, Gospel Gangsters make a guest appearance on the cut, ďIf You Really Want It,Ē a powerful hip hop back and forth featuring Mr. Solo, Chille Baby, Tic Toc, and FrosíT.

FrosíT has put together a fine joint, representing the believing hip hop community to the fullest. No doubt.

Tony LaFianza 4/09/2000



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