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Looking Up
Artist: Freefall 
Label: Indie
Length: 6 tracks/25.31

The spectres of Matt Redman and Delirious? loom large on this debut EP from Kent based Freefall. It was perhaps inevitable that the popularity of these artists would rub off on many others, but it's a shame that their influence is quite so clear.

Freefall's lyrics are mainly directed towards God, intended as songs of commitment and worship. They fill that role fairly well, but on the first track seem to make an awkward fit with the music. That music is well performed but could do with stronger melodies running through, especially given its pop feel.

By the sounds of this EP, Freefall probably puts on a good live show, but the melodies need to be a bit stronger and the arrangements more textured before they'll make a truly convincing recording.

James Stewart 06/28/2000


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