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Money Trouble
Artist: Fractal Edge
Label: Proost
Length: 5 tracks/18.47 minutes

Money Trouble

From the same stable which brought us Jonnys In the Basement and the Greenbelt Eucharist album, Fractal Edge's sophomore release is a five track EP packed with pop-tinged dance tunes.

The recording is much more focused than on Path of Time, the group's 1997 debut. The opening "Money Trouble" is an up-tempo, funky track based round a guitar riff from Ben Holloway, who is the focal point of the group. "Don't Let Me Down" showcases the smooth vocals of Zoe Hart over a more laid back beat and minimalist guitar touches.

Willy Wonka (of chocolate factory fame) is sampled for the opening of "Music Makers," a track with appropriately dreamy vocals holding together a hip-hop beat and more electric guitar. The rapping by a gentleman known to us only as Wowza is excellent, and draws out the disc's overall theme of living live's of substance and creativity.

Fractal Edge have really begun to establish their sound with this release, mixing guitars with programmed beats without becoming another big-beat act. There are still rough edges which could do with a little work, but it will be interesting to see how the group translates their new focus onto their second full-length release.

James Stewart 5/28/2000


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