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Artist: Flight 180
Label: BEC Recordings
Length: 11 tracks/ 37:46 minutes

I Wanna Be Like You

Attention all cools cats--another great swing group has arrived on the scene. Flight 180 (formerly 180) has proved that they are able to handle their own in this 40's style genre.  These six swingers sure know how to play their instruments, and vocals are well handled by a couple of cool chicks--Maddy Mendoza and Kimmy Tennberg. Some great 40's style harmonies here, too. With a mixture of covers such as "Look at That Cadillac" by Brian Setzer and "The Devil is Bad"  by The W's, as well as original pieces, Flight 180 dances us through an album full of good clean fun. The only weak song here is "The Devil is Bad" and that may be because I'm too familiar with The W's version. "Get Happy" and grab a copy of Lineup today.

Shari Lloyd 1/30/2000


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