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Found a Place
Artist: FFH 
Label: Essential Records 
Length: 11 tracks/42.24 minutes

Found a Place
When I Praise
Your Love is Life to Me

You know FFH. They're the band that was being called Far From Home. The one with that song about the "Big Fish." The one that made you think "Hey, maybe there IS something new on the radio."

For better or worse, here comes the newest from FFH. There's no quirky "Big Fish" pop here. What's left is in the veins of the title track from FFH's first disk, "I Wanna Be Like You," or its followup "One of These Days." Unfortunately, none of the 11 new songs on Found A Place stand up to those two songs.

Sure, radio-friendly pop music lies here abundantly. And moreover, it's well-made radio-friendly pop. But, as is the case with most radio pop, it's rather forgettable.

One track, "Because of Who You Are," attempts to catch the same acoustic-rock vibe that "One of These Days" did. It succeeds fairly well, and thus becomes the only truly memorable song on the album.

Chances are you're already hearing the lead single "When I Praise" on your local CCM/AC stations. And chances are you'll probably hear more tracks from this album tearing up the radio charts. But once the songs are gone, I don't see them sticking in anybody's mind.

Here's hoping FFH's next one is better. They're a good band, and I'd like to see them go far in the Christian music scene. But this one doesn't quite cut it.

Josh Marihugh 3/13/2000

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