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Artist: Fatal Blast Whip
Label: Blacklight Records
Time: 8 Tracks/37:29 min.

Seduction (Soft Core Remix by Battery)

Spooky industrial/dance with a creepy edge that gets under your skin.  That is Fatal Blast Whip.  Icey beats combine with eerie melodies to chill your soul and get stuck in your head with the result that you'll be mentally replaying the eerie piano of "Seduction (Soft Core Remix by Battery)" long after the CD stops spinning.

Unfortunately, 50% of the disc is comprised of a set of remixes of "Seduction," which come off as filler, adding nothing new to the song or enhancing it either.

With lyrics like: 

Your love can't ever wait
in the manifest of your hate
seduction is your power
from "Seduction", and 
Device, running in your head again
Impulse, making you a slave for death"
from "Slave Device," Fatal Blast Whip mixes the dark apocalyptic visions of most industrial bands with a tinge of hope.  While this is basically fan-pleaser material like the "Torn Skin" maxi-ep, it showcases a band  that could do very good things with their upcoming full-length.  Let's hope Blacklight keeps up the good work.

Joe Rockstroh 2/20/2000

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