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The Specter
Artist: Eve's Drop
Label: Hapi Skratch
Time: 8 tracks/32:54 minutes

Eve's Drop founder/songwriter Mike Lopez evokes the reverent name of former Concrete Blonde chanteuse Johnette Napolitano on their EP The Specter, claiming that "the Blonde is the reason there is Eve's Drop today." He couldn't have written it any better.

Doom and gloom guitars and keys, so long the Blonde's recipe for "success," dominate The Specter, weaving intricate, textured tapestries on which Kristi Stice's sultry vocals rest, as comfortable and comforting as an old, vinyl "Joey" 7-inch.

Impassioned, but often abstract ("Wicked Tea," the title track), the lyrics give each song a resonate power that draws the listener even further into the eerily calming mix. Here's a more straight-forward sample from "Why Me," about unconditional grace:

I'm waving to my sorrows
 From way up in the sky
Knowing you complete me
I am so alive 
Eve's Drop doesn't break any new ground here, but they're not trying to. They have, very simply, crafted a strong, solid goth-pop (is that a genre?) record, sure to appeal to those of us in dire need of a serious "bloodletting."  Bela Lugosi would be proud, indeed.

Scotty Teems 06/13/2000



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