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Twisted Tenderness
Artist: Electronic
Label: Koch Records
Length: 76:49/14 tracks

Electronic features former band members of New Order and The Smiths (Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner) who join together for their new release in which they twist and turn sounds of all styles, shapes, and sizes. Twisted Tenderness is a sound explosion featuring many sampled beats and drum loops, which can light any room on fire.  The group is a dance based band mixed with Brit pop, although group band members have strayed away from the two respective groups they began in.

"Because of the weight of our past--which I should add we're both fiercely proud of- we've always been aware of a magnifying glass upon us," Marr explains. "So in turn, we tended to put a magnifying glass on what we did, to make sure it was perfect.  The problem with perfect music is, it tends to be boring." The album starts off with the far from boring "Make It Happen," with a building bass loop in the spirit of U2's "Discotechque."  The near 7 minute tune is the perfect dance floor groove with a tougher edge than most of the pop tunes floating up the charts these days.  The title track is another highlight, featuring a Code of Ethics meets Pet Shop Boys sound.

"Prodigal Son" touches on spirituality during which the group paints the picture of a friend who has gone off on a destructive path.  The track ends with the haunting, yet poignant repetition of  "Won't you come home now," urging the person to leave their negative ways behind them and get back on track with their life.

The CD version of the recording also features three bonus cuts, "King for a Day," "Warning Sign," and a remix of "Make it Happen."  Such tunes put a brilliant bow on an otherwise stellar package suitable to play at any social gathering, or to just put the listenerin an upbeat, refreshed mood.

Andy Argyrakis 11/7/2000


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