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February 2000 Pick of the Month (UK)
Danger Live
Artist: The Electrics
Label: ICC (UK)
Length: 46:54 minutes/14 tracks

Liviní it up When I Die
Visions and Dreams

While the Electrics may have received a warm welcome on their recent visits to the USA, Germany is surely the heartland of Electrics fandom. The band have been a staple on the bill of the annual Christmas Rock Night for several years now, so it is appropriate that was the venue where they chose to record their first live album.

The frenetic style of folk-rock that the Electrics have made their own works best in a live setting so a live album has been long overdue. The band make up for that by knocking out a set filled with many of their best loved tracks, and adding a few of Sammy Horner's humorous between song comments for good measure. Added to the pointed humour of many of Horner's lyrics, this is certainly an album that will make you smile.

The instrumentalists put in an excellent performance, and slipping together seamlessly. "Berni's Wedding Jig" allows the young Tim Cotterell to show his mandolin prowess, while the now departed Kenny McNicholl gets his work out on "Piping Hot." Much of the material will be familiar to an audience who have the band's Five Minute Walk releases, but there are a few tracks here that aren't to be found there--the inclusion of "The Welly Boot Song" is a good one, but sadly it doesn't work quite as well without the Sean Connery impression that featured on the Buddy Miller produced The Whole Shebang.

Occasionally the bass could do with being a little stronger in the mix, but the sound is generally strong, particularly when played back loudly. The Electrics's sense of fun makes for a strong album without losing substance. Celtic and folk rock fans should take note.

James Stewart 1/15/2000


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