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Kaleidoscope Superior
Artist: Earthsuit
Label: Alliance (UK)/Sparrow (USA)
Length: 10 tracks/41.34

One Time

Kicking off with an introduction which suggests an 80s rock revival, Earthsuit's music actually revolves around a strong pop idiom, moving through styles in a manner similar to DC Talk's more recent outings. So we have the pseudo-reggae of the opener, some r 'n' b influences and a fair bit of funk and rap-based pop-rock.

The result is a fairly unique combination and there are a number of good tracks with strong hooks but the album as a whole seems to jump around a little too much. While it does show a fairly clear identity for the band, they don't seem to build from a potentially strong core to develop an outstanding album, but rather bring their personality to a varying core with slightly less successful results.

A promising debut with strong pop credibility, but more an album of promise than a classic in its own right, if Earthsuit manage to keep up the momentum, Kaleidoscope Superior could be a stepping stone towards an interesting career.

James Stewart  10/19/2000


James Stewart is a writer, web-designer and student based near London, UK. He co-ordinates the Greenbelt festival's website and runs the Britlink's website, dedicated to Christian involvement in British and Irish music.


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